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Plants Big Than People Print Women Tshirts Cotton Casual Funny T Shirt for Lady Top Tee Hipster 6 Color Drop Ship NA-780

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Why are these plant print shirts so popular?

They’re not just another shirt, they’re unique and different from all other printed shirts out there. These funny, novelty shirts will make you stand out from the crowd at the next party or event!  

Plant prints are bold and fun, bringing a bit of eccentricity to any outfit. They’re also unique. The world is filled with camo, cats, and creepy dolls; when was the last time you saw a tropical banana tree on your shirt? It stands out in a crowd, but in a good way. Plant-print enthusiasts say it’s good for making friends because people want to know what it means—and that leads to interesting conversations!


Quality Branding

When you buy clothes or shoes, you want to know that they have been created by a brand that will stand behind them and create quality products. You should look at it as an investment. That’s why some brands, like DFN, have gained such a positive reputation. Quality control: The apparel industry is notorious for its issues with product defects, but DFN takes pride in producing apparel without any problems and delivers high-quality products on time to customers around the world. No worries about quality control then!

You can match them with anything. They also have a subtle touch of humor, which is always a plus. Whether you want to give one as a gift or buy it for yourself, a printed shirt makes an excellent choice!

Size Chart

XS - 27" Length and 18" Width
S - 28" Length and 19" Width
M - 29" Length and 20 1/2" Width
L - 30" Length and 22" Width
XL - 31" Length and 24" Width
2XL - 32" Length and 26" Width
3XL - 33" Length and 27" Width