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Pink Princess Philodendron Rare Variegated

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  Magical 'Pink Princess' Philodendron Rare plant 

The pink princess philodendron, or the Philodendron bipinnatifidum to give it its proper name, is among the rarest plant species on Earth, and it’s definitely worth owning if you love exotic houseplants and want to add a little magic to your home. But be warned: once you see one of these wonderful plants in action, you might find yourself hooked and buying up every single one you can get your hands on!

Information on these rare and beautiful pink princess philodendrons will reveal that they are named after American beauty pageant winners. The term philodendron is derived from Greek; philos means love and dendron means tree, so if you really love trees, we guess there is no better plant for you to own than a pink princess philodendron. These rare plants can be kept indoors or outdoors and make excellent houseplants due to their low maintenance requirements.

If you enjoy rare plants, if you appreciate how much personality houseplants can have, or if you’re a fan of making your home feel magical and whimsical, then why wouldn’t you want to own a pink princess philodendron? The pink princess is not only one of its kind but also extremely easy to take care of.


4" pot
Variegated, colors vary 

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