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Mandrake Pot decorator

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This ornament features with textured details and vivid expressions. The surface is smooth and soft, and the outline is clear. Garden Resin Ornament fits right in any location at your home. Display it as an indoor or outdoor home decor. Garden Resin Ornament becomes an ideal decorative statue.

Garden Resin Ornament
-Color: As shown.
-Material: Resin.
-Size: 5x13 cm/1.97x5.12 inch.
Garden Resin Ornament is suitable for your garden decoration.

  • Features: Mandela Resin Ornaments has fine workmanship, beautiful lines, smooth and soft surface, and clear outline

  • Material: Garden Resin Sculpture is made of durable resin, very durable

  • Interesting appearance: Garden Potted Ornaments' humorous and lovely gestures and vivid expressions will add vitality to your house

  • Application: Mandrake Potted Sculpture is suitable for home, office, library, canteen, coffee shop, tea room, hotel

  • Home decoration: Mandela Flower Pot Doll is suitable for home indoor and outdoor garden and courtyard decoration

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