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English Ivy 'Kolibre'

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4" pot

English Ivy, or Hedera helix, is an outstanding plant that has been around for years and remains popular today. It’s the plant of choice for many landscapers because of its versatility and ease of growth, but this easy-to-care-for plant also makes a great addition to your home decor!

Ever wonder why you’ve never seen an English Ivy Klibre plant before? The truth is that there are plenty of plants that fit under that name, but we decided to call ours Kolibre because we believe ours are stronger and healthier than any other plant out there. What makes our plants so special? All of our plants are cultivated under controlled conditions, ensuring all members have a nearly identical gene pool, which means they share all of their desirable characteristics. That also means every member benefits from decades worth of research that has been applied to making sure each plant thrives as much as possible in its first few months—that difference really shows when you see them next to other ivy products!

We ensure a safe handling and delivery of your live plant by providing quality packaging. Click here for the steps, including pictures, of how your plants are packaged with special care