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Bromeliad 'Silver Vase'

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Comes in 6" pot 

The Silver Vase Bromeliad (Guzmania x 'Silver Vase') is a species of Bromeliad that can grow up to three feet tall, though it usually tops out at about two feet. This plant grows from the stem offshoots of the main plant, and these stem offshoots are called pups. The Silver Vase Bromeliad is named after this unique growth habit, as well as its beautiful silver-grey coloration of the leaves and petioles. This plant originates from Columbia, and has flowers that can be nearly 6 inches in diameter with dark red centers.

The Silver Vase Bromeliad is Rare

If you’re wondering why it's named is Silver Vase, that’s because it’s a very rare plant. The Silver Vase is native to Brazil and grows in a small area of only one state, Bahia. Because of its rarity, many people have never seen one before and may mistake it for something else entirely! It can be hard to identify if you don’t know what to look for; however, there are several characteristics that set it apart from other plants.

The Bromeliad ‘Silver Vase’ Has Beautiful Flowers

The Bromeliad ‘Silver Vase’ has big, beautiful leaves and small flowers that cover them. It blooms from summer to fall in different shades of pink and red. Not only is it beautiful, but it grows well even when you have not got a green thumb. This plant requires very little maintenance to stay healthy and looks its best no matter what you do to care for it

This plant grows well indoors

If you’re like most people and live in an urban area, your apartment or house is probably not very big. That means space can be at a premium when it comes to decorating. It might seem impossible to get many plants in your living space without them taking over your entire place, but it’s actually possible to have plenty of greenery indoors without worrying about making room for new furniture.

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