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True Aloe plant

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4" pot

Aloe the beautiful plant also know as Aloe Vera, Medicine Plant, Miracle Aloe and Chinese Aloe and True Aloe

The Aloe Plant also known as the medicine plant is one of the most popular plants in the world and can be found in almost every garden or green house and it’s easy to grow!

Aloe plant is a beautiful, luxurious type of plant that originates from Africa and Asia. The aloe plant is easily recognizable by its bright green leaves with sharp teeth on both sides of each leaf. This beautiful plant is hardy and durable, making it an easy addition to any garden or home. 

Aloe plants are versatile, easy to grow, and good for you. It’s no wonder that succulent varieties are becoming more popular among home gardeners. Even if you can only give them a little sun and water once in a while, they’ll be happy growing on your windowsill or porch.

Our plants are shipped with care! 

This aloe plant is shipped using wood fiber to cover the soil and help prevent soil spillage. The wood fiber is placed over the soil, right under the foliage. We then use a plastic bag to cover the planter and wood fiber portion of the plant, secure it tightly with a zip-tie. We then place the plant in a paper bag and secure it with a rubber band. The paper bag acts as a final cover.