Where does your produce and canned goods come from?

Our produce is grown right at our home in Davis Family Garden. For several years we have been supported by our local community and have had excellent reviews on the taste and abundance of our produce and canned products. 


Where do your products come from? 

Many of our products are hand made (or hand grown) by Davis family members, sold locally AND online. We also offer products from other talented artists worldwide and act as a third party vendor. Every supplier we do business with has been verified for quality and trust. 


 How are your live plants packaged?

We ensure a safe handling and delivery of your live plant by providing quality packaging. Click here for the steps, including pictures, of how your plants are packaged with special care 


Is your online checkout system secure?

Yes. We are a certified trusted site and verified business with trusted security. We offer spam free protection, a secure checkout process  and do not save your account information. 


Can I visit your store in person?

Absolutely! How else would you get your fresh produce?  Our garden/nursery and market will be open this season from May to October. While it is our hope to be able to expand and eventually have an indoor nursery to share our fresh produce locally year round we continue to search for the perfect space to do so and hope you support us along the way! 


What is your Shipping policy?

We understand the excitement of receiving your purchase and want to ensure a safe and efficient delivery service.

Orders are tracked and processed daily.

Estimated shipping time is between 5-7 business days. Please allow an additional 1-2 business days for handling and an additional 5-7 days fulfillment and processing on custom ordered items. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic freight delivery times may be affected on global orders.   Please contact us at davisfamilynursery@gmail.com with any questions regarding current order status. 

Tracking numbers are provided with every order. 


What is your return policy? 

We at Davis Family Nursery and Garden strive to offer top notch products with quality service and delivery and we hope that you are satisfied with your purchase. 

However, we offer a hassle free 30- day full refund on items that are returned without wear and tear and obvious use. please contact us at davisfamilynursery@gmail.com so our customer service specialist can better serve you