Welcome to our Fun Adventures!

Hi everyone! We are so happy that you have decided to join in on our fun family gardening and nature adventures. Our family has a lot of fun each year setting up our seasonal garden and putting extra long hours into pulling weeds, putting in new trellises and decor and just perfecting the garden in general! We also sell our produce at local farmers markets and hand make a lot of neat items. The kids are very involved in helping mom and dad and even grandpa joins in on the hard work. We have decided to start documenting it all for fun memories and to show other families how they can have fun too. 

We want to be able to share with you all the fun we have through pictures and videos as well as teach you some cool gardening things to do as a family. We do projects for ALL ages and will be offering local classes to kids and families to just get their hands in dirt and learn a little about the magic of growing your own food and of course, learning about the power of nature. 

Our goal is to help teach gardening to each and every family or individual that has a desire to learn from us and to have fun along the way with all our silly games and adventures. We hope you don't take things too serious because it might be the wrong place for you if so! 

Side note to go along with that, while we do have a successful garden each year (and can raise plants from the dead), we don't claim, nor have we EVER claimed to be professional "know it all" gardeners. As a matter of fact we have several plant buddies that have way more wealth of knowledge than we do and we are constantly taking tips or bouncing ideas off them. Remember that there is nothing wrong with that. We are all learning together! Our goal here is to have fun, teach what we DO know and to produce and create wonderful produce and products to help serve our community. 

Follow along if we sound like fun, check our our store that funds our garden and community projects and upgrades. We have been very blessed to partner with a nursery in southern california as well for the more exotic and rare houseplants. click here to view our store! 

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