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Family owned & operated - we're a family owned and operated business. We're proud of it. You can tell by how we treat ourcustomers.

Fresh Veggies - We grow our own veggies so you can be sure they're really fresh.

Gardening and Nursery - We offer a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and veggies.

Connect - We also have a blog with gardening tips and a marketplace to purchase seeds and supplies.

Family - Visit KidsZone for KidZone’s blog and videos designed to spark interest in gardening among your young ones. We provide fun activities and tips to engage them in green fun. We also offer tips and blogs in regards to pet safety with plants.

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How our Live plants are packaged and shipped

Click here to read about how our live plants are safely packaged and shipped to you, maintaining quality and excellence.


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What do you need to know to get started gardening? A lot, it turns out. If you’re completely new to the hobby of growing your own plants, you might have trouble just figuring out where to start. Here’s the beginner’s guide to gardening, which will help you learn what you need, answer very basic questions and teach you how to get it all done. 

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